Quienes Somos

Cooperativa Sanitaria de Galicia, CO.SA.GA., was created in 1985 out of the conviction of a group of professionals linked to the health sector. They believed that the best way to provide a high-quality service to their patients was working as a team.

Not just healing, also caring

CO.SA.GA. aims to become the reference hospital in the city of Ourense and its province thanks to the centre’s commitment to every patient and family and the involvement with the surrounding society, which are, in fact, the key points of our health activity.

Your peace of mind, our raison d'être

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive emergency, outpatient and hospitalisation health care. Our professionals offer a specialised, personalised, safe, agile assistance with a high degree of self-reliance to ensure the patient's satisfaction and reassurance.

We believe in a type of medicine that does not cure diseases, but sick patients

We are distinguished by our spirit of service to our community. We deal with people who are going through a difficult time. Hence, not only we care for their health but also for their well-being.

Cutting-edge technology for an efficient health care

Patient and family satisfaction is guaranteed at CO.SA.GA. thanks to the large team of professionals and the latest technology. They allow offering the most efficient care with full warranty.

Committed to quality

CO.SA.GA. is committed to the patient, teamwork and the continuous improvement towards leadership and excellence. In fact, these have turned CO.SA.GA into the first hospital in Galicia to be awarded the Seal of Excellence, the most prestigious certification of its kind in Europe.