Management Excellence

Main goals

At COSAGA Hospital, we work in the spirit of service to our community. We truly believe that the most advanced equipment is useless without a great human team behind. It is always important to provide the proper treatment, which is, in fact, the main goal in terms of health care for us. It is also paramount to remember that we deal with people who are going through a difficult time. Hence, not only we care for their health but also for their well-being, including families and friends. It was 19 years ago when, at COSAGA, we promoted a change in the culture strategy of a business organisation aimed at the pursuit of excellence by means of the continuous improvement, together with the active involvement and participation of our professionals. A change that goes beyond the quality standards demanded by the current legislation.

Patient safety

The patient is the main figure in all the proceedings that take place at COSAGA Hospital. And your safety is our main priority. We meet the standards of the UNE 179003:2013 regulation, which certifies our risk management system for patient safety. Patient safety means providing health assistance while preventing avoidable damage. This entails developing systems and processes aimed at reducing the likelihood of system failures and human errors and increasing the probabilities of discarding errors whenever they occur and therefore relieve their consequences. Risk management for patient safety improvement is aimed at identifying risk situations and implementing actions for their reduction and prevention.


Quality is our basic philosophy. At COSAGA Hospital, we go beyond the quality standards demanded by the current legislation. We are the only private hospital in Ourense that has been certified by the Xunta de Galicia Health Department uninterruptedly since 2002. It is the first private hospital in Galicia to be awarded by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), the first hospital in Ourense to obtain the quality Q by the IDIS Foundation due to its commitment to care quality and we pioneer in the achievement of the Food Quality certification for our catering service, which guarantees food quality, hygiene and safety. Besides, we comply with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation, which certifies quality for all of our healthcare and non-healthcare services.

Environmentally friendly

COSAGA Hospital has an absolute and fundamental commitment to its surrounding environment. And this commitment implies environmental protection. We have developed a comprehensive policy in this sense which has allowed us to be awarded the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 certification due to our commitment to good environmental practices. We have clearly stated our environmentally friendly attitude in terms of conduct and well-defined goals in all of our functions and business levels. We go beyond the legislation in this matter. In fact, we have willingly made beneficial commitments to environmental protection in order to minimise the impact of our activity.

Occupational health and safety

At COSAGA Hospital, we value people and we know that they are a key factor towards success. Therefore, we consider risk prevention and the health of our workers as one of our main goals. We take the responsibility for the prevention of unsafe actions, the strict compliance of the regulations and the use of every protective measure at hand in order to maintain the highest safety levels. For that reason, our occupational health and safety management system has been awarded the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance is a set of procedures and good practices adopted by the organisations to identify and classify the operational and legal risks and therefore establish internal prevention, management, control and reaction mechanisms. At COSAGA Hospital, we are not alien to the undeniable importance of business ethics and, for that reason, we have drawn up a Code of Ethics aimed at establishing the basic principles as an organisation, including all of our employees and managers. This code is a firm commitment to ethics, quality and transparency. Besides, we have set up an Ethics Channel that favours communication in terms of enquiries, irregularities and suggestions regarding the commitments established in it.