Our Values

At Cosaga Hospital, we are fully committed to the patient –the core of every step we take–, the society around us, technological innovation, efficiency and excellence.


We are also oriented to your family and friends, meeting their needs and expectations with honesty, professionalism, integrity and respect to their values and beliefs.

Reinvestment of profits

To improve the provision of services at all levels.

Innovation and upgrading

At CO.SA.GA., we are in a continuous process of technological innovation. Besides, we offer constant training to our professionals so they can provide a more efficient health care.

Human factor, integration and involvement

We support the main asset of CO.SA.GA.: our workers, who share and participate actively in the hospital's project.

Efficiency and excellence

In every process towards the continuous improvement and towards the maintenance of leadership.

Committed to society

CO.SA.GA. is strongly committed to its surrounding society, which is shown by the collaboration with numerous NGOs and other social organisations in the province of Ourense and beyond.