General Information

Cosaga Hospital has undergone important refurbishments in terms of equipment and infrastructures within the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Odontology and Orthodontics Comprehensive Unit to add to the technical means we already had. In fact, we have become the first hospital in Galicia to have diagnostic and virtual planning tools for facial skeleton surgeries.

The workers of Cosaga’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit are:

Xosé Rubal Maxillofacial surgeon

Carolina Quintas Odontologist

The Paediatric Emergency service at Cosaga Hospital started out in November 2017 and has been greatly welcomed and valued by children and parents ever since. This service is active 24/7 with the presence of paediatricians from 10am to 9pm and located on call during the night.

We offer a comprehensive and personalised assistance for adults and children (paediatric dentistry) and treat the patients’ problems and needs within a hospital environment. This service is a guarantee for patients and allows us to deal with every post-operative emergencies 24/7, including patient hospitalisation, if needed, supervised by the corresponding physician.

We specialise in pain treatment and use the latest technologies in our patients’ best interest.

Somos especialistas en tratamientos sin dolor y se cuenta con las últimas tecnologías siempre al servicio del paciente.

We provide personalised funding for our patients. All of the possible needs and budgets can be consulted without commitment by sending an e-mail to or by calling +34 988 210 279.


We offer medical-surgical treatments with pioneering diagnostic and planning tools in Galicia:

Jaw joint pain. We explain the origin and offer a solution to the problem.

Solutions are provided if several dental pieces are missing. From the simplest to the most complex cases thanks to advanced implantology techniques and to virtual surgical planning.

Facial rejuvenation techniques.

Orthognathic surgery to correct inadequate dental bites and profiles with the best diagnostic means and virtual 3D planning.

Specific studies to determine if snoring or sleep apnoea are related to jaw problems, as it is usually the case.

Examinations and early detection of mouth injuries or face and neck lumps.


At Cosaga Hospital we offer solutions for all dental and implant procedures:

General odontology

Dental prosthesis and implants

Periodontal treatment

Paediatric dentistry


Where to find us

Policlínico Santa Cristina

Sáenz Díez Nº3 Tel: 988 210 279

Information and appointments at Santa Cristina outpatient clinic
Tel: 988 210 279

Post-operative emergencies at Santa Teresa clinic
Tel: 988 371 710/11/12