General Information

Cosaga Hospital, in partnership with Scanner Ourense, has become the first private hospital in Galicia to acquire a new cutting-edge high field magnetic resonance imaging system with anti-claustrophobic technology.

This new digital PHILIPS Ingenia 1.5T MRI system allows, thanks to its higher definition, capturing more precise images of heart, vascular, neurological, pelvic-abdominal and musculoskeletal structures.

Besides, it features notable innovations aimed at improving the patient’s well-being and preventing anxiety and claustrophobic sensation, namely a wider bore for patients, passing from 60 to 70 cm (being the only MRI system in the province of Ourense with that diameter). It also incorporates the Ambient Experience technology, which offers dynamic lighting, and the Patient In-Bore technology, which allows the patient to view images or a selected video featuring soft and soothing sounds while in the bore.

We are sure that the new MRI system will contribute to improve the patient assistance and welfare in the province.

The new digital high field magnetic resonance imaging system has been acquired as part of the thorough renovation of the Radiodiagnosis Department facilities sponsored by Cosaga Hospital and Scanner Ourense and are aimed and designed for the patients’ well-being.

The new premises have now a 1.5-Tesla high field magnetic resonance system and a multislice CT scan system as complements to the hospital’s diagnostic imaging offer (general radiology, orthopantomography, mammography and ultrasonography).


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