General Information

Cosaga Hospital incorporates a Hospital Pharmacy service which is integrated by a pharmacist specialised in Hospital Pharmacy and two pharmacy technicians.

Their functions are:

Managing the acquisition of all of the centre’s medicines.

Dispensing unit-dose medicines for the admitted patients. Each patient receives individualised medication (the needed treatment is checked and the commercial containers are adapted to unit containers by a repackaging machine to therefore ensure the proper medicine handling).

Dispensing and counselling outpatients about the proper use of hospital medicines by always checking the non-existence of interactions between the usual medication and the new treatment.

Reconciling the patient’s usual medication with the new one. (Preventing duplications, interactions…)

Preventing medication errors.

Pharmacovigilance. (Supervising the adverse effects of drugs and reporting about them to the competent health authority).

Medication alert management.

Compounding preparation.

Counselling and solving the doubts that other professionals may have in the centre regarding the proper use of the drug.

The centre’s narcotics control.

Managing the medication at the vaccination site.