General Information

Extra information about your assistance rights may be requested by calling 060, a telephone number managed by the Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT).

When a person suffers a road accident, he/she has the right to choose the medical centre in which he/she wishes to be treated. CO.SA.GA. offers a comprehensive health care to those individuals who have been injured in a road accident, including free-of-charge psychological support to the admitted patients and their families.

In this context, CO.SA.GA. offers an immediate assistance and a comprehensive and personalised treatment provided by a multidisciplinary team able to diagnose and treat injuries in the shortest time possible.

Our goal is the patient’s recovery and welfare. For that reason, the hospital’s Road Accident Unit will manage the administrative procedures with your insurance company so you only need to worry about your recovery.

CO.SA.GA. Headquarters
Sáenz Díez nº 9
988 371 710/11/12